This Guy Undertakes A Social Experiment On Tinder Where He Asks 1,000 Girls To Have Sex

Dating can sometimes be a complex thing, all that going to dinner or the cinema, all that getting to know the other person. It's a lot of work seeing if both you and your potential partner are suited for each other, how you get along together, what you both have in common, your feelings for each other, and how far this relationship will go.

Sometimes (face it, we've all been there) you don't even want to have a relationship of the emotional kind at all.

Sometimes you just want to get straight to the point.

Which is exactly what this guy, Brian, tries out in a Tinder experiment from YouTube channel whatever.

Brian spent quite some time swiping right to get to 1,000 matches on the dating app, then as a experiment asked each one of them the same, blunt question (the one we all want to ask on Tinder): "Hey, do you want to have sex?"—the video then follows him as he works his way through the responses.

Such an upfront way to ask a girl to sleep with you isn't going to go down well with everyone, and it certainly does get some bristly responses. Some downright angry & rude, some totally hilarious.

Some women also recognize Brian from the YouTube channel and ask if it's a prank. But it's surprising how many times (i.e. more than zero) some women actually don't shut him down straight away.

In fact, if you wanted to know exactly how this little experiment played out (and lets be honest here, of course you do, that's why you are still here reading this), at the end of the video Brian delivers some stats.

Out of the initial 1,000 women, 189 replied, 25 of those were a "yes," 95 a "no" and 69 were neither yes or no.

So, not such an almighty fail as you might expect.


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