Three Moms Discuss, With Hilarious And Painful Honesty, The Trials Of Motherhood And Marriage

Dying is Easy. Being a Mom is Hard. Any parent will tell you that parenting is tough work. Rewarding, sure. About the most tiring and exhausting thing they've ever done? That too. One web series that pulled no punches with its depiction of parenthood, or at least it's depiction of two embittered dads, was Chris Wylde's Dadholes. It's about two guys who sit and bitch about their wives, their kids, their lot in life.

And it's very funny. The only complaint you might level at it is, what about the moms? They like to bitch and complain about parenthood and married life too. Well that's now been addressed as Wylde has followed it up with Your Mother (As a commentator points out on YouTube, calling it "Momholes" would have brought up a whole lot of different search results).

Your Mother is Smoking sees two moms sitting on a playground bench, bitching about their husbands, bitching about breastfeeding, bitching about their husbands' morning wood, and generally saying the honest, and sometimes brutal, thoughts that people happily unload to friends, but certainly not their partners.

It's the perfect compliment to Dadholes but there's just a few questions, like will the dadholes meet the momholes? Are the momholes the dadholes' wives? Is vaping OK to do in front of your children? We need to know.

Check out some more in the series below.

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