'Dadholes' - If You're A Father And You Happen To Have A Toddler Then You'll Totally Relate To This

Chris Wylde's brilliant web series Dadholes ("Dying is easy. Being a dad is hard.") explores the darker side of being a parent, with the two male protagonists saying the things some parents might think when at their weakest and most tired, but no one dare say out loud.

Lets face it, parenthood isn't easy, even with just one child and these two guys aren't really that into being dads, in fact they hate it. Hate everything about it, and by 'everything' i mean everything.

And now, as they stroll along with their not-so-beloved children talking about drinking poison to end the pain, believing that if there is a heaven then where they find themselves now is most definitely hell, they are on the brink of discovering that for one of them, it's about to get a whole lot worse.

One of them has some terrible, terrible news.

If you've been following the series you'll know it's been quite a well since the last Dadholes episode.

But fear not, because Wylde also has a Tumblr where he uploads funny quotes and pics, things like "One of my poops looks like South America." said by his four-year-old.


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