Statistician Nate Silver's Presidential Electoral Maps Inspire A Hilarious New Meme

About a week ago statistician Nate Silver released two different electoral maps, based on statistics, that showed how the 2016 Presidential Election outcome would play out if only women voted. And only men voted.

The not-so-shocking results showed that Clinton would win by a total landslide if just women voted, while Trump would win........by a total landslide as well if it was only men voting. It was an interesting, if entirely academic, way to ponder the gender gap of how the different sexes are polling. But hardly newsworthy stuff.

One of Trump's sons, Eric Trump, even used Silver's men voting map to erroneously show how Trump was making gains in the polls, which was pretty dumb of him. But not entirely a surprise if you think who his father is.

But anyway, it didn't take long before it inspired Twitter users to start creating their own maps, and seemed to like the idea of creating electoral maps based on different factors—factors not based on statistics at all, but on humor, the more ridiculous the better. And so a new meme was born.

So they took the idea and ran with it. Meaning the world was given what the election would look like if only rocks could vote. Or if only goats voted. Or hobbits. And so on.

Check out some of the fun below. But first, here's Silver's original men only and women only electoral maps.

And here's the hilarious results that his original maps went on to inspire from the internet community.

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