This Version Of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Read As Poetry Is Downright Hilarious

Imagine Nicki Minaj's booty epic "Anaconda" delivered as a spoken word poem (and by 'imagine' i'm referring to just the lyrics from the song, not the visual overload of Ms. Minaj that had most of us drooling from the mouth like a demented cartoon character). Now stop imagining that and just click play on the video above, because that's what Ian Martin has done. It's part of a series called Pop Music Poetry.

Explaining on Reddit why he created the series Martin said: "My 12 year old niece said all her friends were listening to this song. I made this so her Mom could hear its basically about a woman sleeping with a drug dealer so he can buy her stuff."

As well as delivering the song like Jack Kerouac, Martin's words are accompanied by footage of waves lapping at a shore and clouds passing across a blue sky because, you know, poetry and stuff. And before you say it, Martin acknowledges his debt to Steve Allen but states that his—strangely engaging—version of Nicki Minaj’s track is "no less culturally relevant." We agree.


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