#PerfectBody Fail! Victoria's Secret's 'Perfect Body' Campaign Has Ended Up Enraging A Lot Of People

Heads will roll in the Victoria's Secret marketing department after an ad campaign sparked a torrent of anger and fury on social media. The campaign ran with the slogan "The Perfect 'Body'" which references the company's 'Body' lingerie line.

But they chose to run the copy over a photograph of ridiculously skinny models and people have flamed down on them for being irresponsible and sending out the wrong message. An online petition has been launched—which currently has 25,565 signatures—by three British students, Frances Black, Gabriella Kountourides and Laura Ferris who state the following:

We would like Victoria’s Secret to apologise and take responsibility for the unhealthy and damaging message that their ‘Perfect Body’ campaign sends out about women’s bodies and how they should be judged.

We would like Victoria’s Secret to change the wording on their advertisements for their bra range Body, to something that does not promote unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty, as well as pledge to not use such harmful marketing in the future.

Lingerie company Dear Kate, which markets itself as a lingerie company "Made by women for women," hit back with its own version of the ad.

Other companies followed suit, no doubt relishing the marketing opportunity.

And non-companies, i.e. people took to Twitter to voice their dissent and anger at the campaign.

And give the finger.

And make the odd joke.

The campaign comes off the back of another brand fail regarding women's bodies that went viral, when a young woman snapped a shockingly skinny shop model in British clothes shop Topshop.

Let's hope this social media shaming will drive home to these companies that this sort of thing is not on. And having the odd burger is not a crime. Unless you stole the burger. Then it definitely is a crime.

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