'Social Snafu' Questions 'What Might Happen If Your Facebook Feed Came To Life?'

These days our social media feeds are pretty much our internet, they're where we get our news, interact with friends and family, and rage at each other over whatever topic has spurned us into fury.

As such you probably get a bit of fatigue when it comes to looking at them. So imagine if, rather than just being a bunch of 1s and 0s on a screen, they came to life somehow, pouring out from the screen in tumbling chaos.

That's the idea behind this comedic sketch Social Snafu (Snafu is a military term meaning "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up") from the Perez Bros. It sees a woman sitting in her office, browsing Facebook when all of a sudden beach balls, wedding bouquets, and beer get thrown in her face. Even a baby gets handed to her.

Naturally it would be quite alarming if such a thing happened, because we're so used to being able to just switch off from our news feeds whenever we want.

But that also means our online lives and relationships can appear more throwaway, and that sense of detachment is what the Perez Bros. were looking to satirize.

"Living and working in the heart of Silicon Valley, my brother and I wrote Social Snafu from our first hand experiences shooting recruiting videos for Facebook." explains Hart Perez to Smash.com. "While toiling in the belly of the beast, it became apparent that the more time we spent projecting a version of our own persona online, the less time we had for truly meaningful interpersonal relationships. Social Snafu is a film that aims at the heart of the social disconnectedness in the digital world."

Have a watch of it above.


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