You HAVE To Watch This, It Will TOTALLY Change Your Life—No Seriously, It Really Will. Maybe.

Did you see a link to this article in your newsfeed, did you? Did the seriously cute picture of a little puppy and heartfelt supporting text induce you you clicking it, did it? Ok, if that didn't quite work, how about the video image above of the girl with a rather large and alluring chest, surely you would have watched at least some of the video to see what happens next? "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!", are you, are you?

Chances are you probably weren't as you are yet another victim of click-baiting, the scourge of the social media and the resuly of a growing trend in disgracefully low-brow entertainment, aimed at getting you clicking to see what all the fuss is about and making advertisers very happy in the process.

Ok, so we lied in getting you here, but don't go just yet, instead give the video a chance ans prepare yourself for a comical lesson in clickbait culture courtesy of two Irish guys from the UK TV series Craic Addicts who like most of us, are totally fed up with the modern internet landscape.

They give a very informative run-down on just what is going on mainstream entertainment websites (no, i'm not going to name names, i'm far too upworthy for that.) who lurk around link-aggregator websites like Reddit waiting for new trending stories and videos to break so they can repackage them for their own gain, rather like paparazzi photographers hanging around night clubs waiting for drunk celebrities to emerge.

And you won’t believe what happens next, nor will you believe it - just click THIS LINK to find out - Your life will never be the same again. Really. Well, maybe not.


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