Watch A Huge Star Wars Lego Super Star Destroyer Smash To Pieces In Slow-Motion At 1000fps

Watching objects get destroyed in super slow-motion is an entirely rewarding experience. But the little kid inside you might feel a little conflicted at watching a giant Super Star Destroyer made entirely from Lego shatter into pieces at 1000fps.

But seeing as we have just celebrated 'Star Wars Day' ('May the fourth be with you') you can forgive the total wanton destruction of a lovingly-built Imperial spacecraft just this once.

Although that shouldn't detract from how awesome it is to see it fall apart as gravity has its way. Justin Johnson and Erik Beck, who destroy stuff for a living as part of Wired's Battle Damage video series, spent 16 hours (and $800) building the Super Star Destroyer so you could derive a few moments of pleasure watching it nose-dive into the ground.

It's breaks apart in a very dramatic and satisfying way too, with plastic bricks splintering and mini-figs flying through the air as Lego carnage is unleashed.

The force is strong in this video.


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