Watch This Insane Footage Of Hillclimb Racer Jos Goodyear Setting A New Record

In a list of things you probably never ever want to do in your life, this is probably up there. Once you learn what the heck it is. This is Jos Goodyear in a 400hp GWR Raptor, a car used to drive at terrifying speeds on narrow roads uphill at the Doune Hillclimb (aka "King of Hills") 2014 competition in Scotland, UK.

The course is around 1476 yards (1350m) long and in the video you can see Jos breaking a five-year held record by completing the course in 35.05 seconds. The insanity begins at 1:30. Just look how goddamn narrow those roads are.

As incredible as his race is, Goodyear didn't even come away with the outright record—his record-breaking run was broken itself, by Scott Moran who completed in 34.76s.


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