Watch 'Local' A Beautifully Shot Skateboarding Film Set In Utah By Sean Slobodan

It's not often you get to describe a skateboarding film as scenic, but that's exactly what this short film by Sean Slobodan is, featuring stunning shots featuring local skaters from the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys skating about in the high-elevation of Utah.

The yellow light in such a high altitude gives the film a dreamy quality, and Slobodan notes the film was inspired by the photography "of my good friend Weston Colton."

Sean Slobodan says of the shooting schedule:

"The main difficulties at that point were lining up the moon, the skater, and the camera, and then just finding the moon in the sky, which, when you're focused on such a small area and there's nothing to visually reference because it's dark, can be very difficult. We had guys up on the hill with flashlights trying to marl edge of frame, which helped. We ultimately ended up shooting three nights in a row. This was from the third night. First night we got it pretty well, but it was dusky and not totally dark. The second night was a total bust cause I had messed with some settings and by the time I fixed it the moon was up. We ended up being wrong in our camera positioning by about 300 feet each night. So when the moon first started to peak we had to grab everything and run until it was lined up, set down the camera, find the moon again, refocus, etc. Slightly stressful. From the time the moon first touches the horizon line to when it's already fully above it is a little under 2 minutes."

It's wonderfully done and the last shot of the skater backdropped against the moon is incredible. And possibly a cheeky nod to the famous shot from E.T., but swapping a bike for a skateboard.


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