2015 GIFYS: A Skateboarding Obama At The 2012 Nuclear Security Summit‎ Wins GIF of the Year

A year on the internet is a heck of a long time, and it's a heck of a lot of GIFs too. Started in 2014 and celebrating its second ever year, The .GIFYs—the award show for GIFs—are back and have recently announced their 2015 winners.

The awards, which makes you wonder why it's taken this long to start such a thing, celebrate the best of animated GIFs in all their forms. It works by the public submitting their choices which a panel of experts (including, naturally, a cat, Lil Bub) select the nominations, these are then voted on by the public.

There are GIFs for various categories, like "Music", "Weird", "Cats," and then an all out winner, which takes the accolade of GIF of the year. This year it was the Obama GIF (which also won in the "News + Politics" category), which shows the POTUS casually riding a skateboard into the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in South Korea. The super-imposed clip originally appeared on Jay Leno and was subsequently turned into a GIF.


Check out the winners in the other categories below:


giphy (1)

Art + Design

giphy (2)

Can't Look Away

giphy (4)



Film + TV

giphy (5)


200w (1)

Nature + Science

giphy (6)


giphy (7)


giphy (8)


giphy (9)

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