Dabs With Dads—A Bunch Of Fathers Get Totally High And Give Some Hilarious Stoned Life Advice

We all need a bit of fatherly advice every now and then. But that fatherly advice can be made a lot more amusing if you get the dads stoned as hell first—and then ask them for some nuggets of knowledge.

That's pretty much the premise behind this hilarious video "Dabs with Dads" which sees a bunch of fathers get stoned on dabs—concentrated marijuana—and then deliver their heavy-lidded pearls of wisdom. Wisdom like "Life is like a sh*it sandwich, the more bread you got the more sh*t you eat." or "If there isn’t a puddle on the floor when she’s done then you didn’t do it right."

That kind of insight is imparted along with advice on what classes you can and can't smoke weed before—not before science or math but creative writing is fine, we're told.

In honor of April 20th (4/20) and following in the fine tradition of watching older people smoking weed, like that video which saw a group of grandmas getting stoned for the first time retired cops taking some hits from a bong.

Other subjects covered by the stoner dads range from women to spilt milk, to how to eat a banana—and OK it's full of stoned ramblings but it's completely hilarious.

As one dad says, "i know i'm old fashioned but in my day we didn't need a blow torch to get high."

In fact, it should become a regular series, each week a different group of dads get high and deliver their enlightening guidance to the rest of us novices.


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