Winter's Just Around The Corner, So Watch One Man’s Journey to Work on the Coldest day in Chicago

Sometimes you have to give up a lot of the comforts of home to follow your dreams and put up with difficult situations and surroundings on your journey to find them. But lets face it this guy is going beyond the call of duty here, i mean, when it's minus 30 degrees outside then you have to have a high level of commitment (or a death wish) if you are contemplating walking into work.

And so begins his epic quest to make it into work without freezing his ass off and the result is a totally hilarious treat to behold.

This is Tyler Langford, he moved from sunny and warm Georgia to Chicago just in time for the Polar Vortex last year to make his journey to work a challenge of frozen obstacles and delayed trains—and this is his hilarious experience of trying, and succeeding eventually, to get from his home to the office while dealing with temperatures so cold that you might as well use a bag of ice to keep your hands warm.

You really should’ve listened to your father Tyler.

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