Yo, Yo, Yo! This Kid Wrote The Swaggest Rap Song You're Ever Going To Hear

Yo! This kid wrote a rap song on his Blackberry because he's more street than concrete and he's got more swag than the entire rap community put together.

Listen in awe as he spits out the lyrics "Pussy pussy pussy marijuana-juana/Pussy pussy pussy marijuana" like he was born to be a hip-hop megastar and fight off them bitches with a stick. Plus, that's going to be your new mantra from now on.

The last laughs on us though, because while this looks like a 12-year-old kid who's afraid of girls, it's actually 38 year old rapper/comedian Andy Milonakis. And he's the greatest rapper in the game. Just wait until you hear the killer last line. It's a strange, strange world people.


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