Learn The Meaning Behind British Hip Hop Slang With This Hilarious Guide For The Uninitiated

As a British comedian and rapper Doc Brown sometimes comes across an audience, especially if they're of a certain age and/or class, that aren't quite down with the latest rap terminology. To be honest unless you're into UK grime or rap, you're probably not going to be down with these terms either.

So consider this a guide for the uninitiated, and also a translation of the vernacular of British rap culture to the vernacular of the British middle classes.

Which means if you're ever visiting the Great British isles and you want to look like you're down with the kids, yo—you can interpret phrases like "I sparked him in the grill then I bounced in the whip" with confidence and assurance.

And while we're on the subject of rappers and Britain, below is Doc Brown rapping about something that is very British indeed, a cup of tea. It's an age-old tradition that you can't mess with.

Because as any respectable British person knows, there is a correct way to prepare, brew and serve a cuppa and an incorrect way. And god forbid you get it wrong.

Specifically he raps about when someone puts "the f*cking milk in first," which is just not done in polite British society apparently. Not without incurring an English person's wrath anyway.

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