These Military Christmas Homecomings Will Leave You With Something In Your Eye

Christmas is all about getting together with the ones you love and eating, drinking, and making merry. Christmas Homecomings and the family together is extra special when you're meeting loved ones you haven't seen in a long time. And it's extra, extra special when it's a mom or dad or husband or wife returning home from military service.

Being a son or daughter or spouse and getting a surprise in the festive season with the unexpected Christmas Homecomings of your dearest coming home from the army or air force or navy must be the greatest gift you could ever get. Well, that and maybe getting a new iPhone.

I kid. Because these videos serve to remind us that the holidays aren't just about watching Elf in your pyjamas while drinking mulled wine or getting presents aplenty, they're about sharing time with family and those you hold dear in the world.

These Christmas Homecomings videos will ensure you remember that, and also ensure that someone will be cutting invisible onions in the room you're watching them in.

In the vid below Ellen Degeneres surprises a family with an early homecoming, who are overjoyed at unexpectedly seeing their husband/father.

A Christmas day is made unforgettable when a returning soldier dresses up as Santa to surprise his loved ones.

Returning from basic training for Christmas after joining the Air Force, this man proposes to his girlfriend at the airport.

Just in case the tears weren't streaming already, here's a whole compilation of surprise military Christmas Homecomings. *sniff*

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