Meet Adilyn Malcolm: This 11 Year Old's Dubstep Dance Routine Is Seriously Impressive

She says she's never had a dance lesson and is completely self-taught, which just makes her robotic dubstep moves even more "We are not worthy!"

Adilyn Malcolm is her name, but she calls herself Audacious Adi and this is her busting some insane moves and showing some incredible body control as she shifts about in a way that would've made Michael Jackson jealous.

There's a little hope for the rest of us though, as long as you're 11 years old of course, because Adi says she learned her skills from watching YouTube videos.

So maybe you could teach yourself and, who knows, fleeting internet stardom may await.

Not only does Adi put us all to shame with her dance moves, she's also into motocross too. Dancing like a pro is only her second favorite hobby. The youth of today, huh?

I remember when all they wanted to do was play video games.


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