18-Year-Old Rapper Slim Jesus' 'Drill Time' Video Is Hilarious - But For All The Wrong Reasons

Yo. Meet 18-year-old Ohioan rapper Slim Jesus who has become something of a sensation on Twitter after his video for song "Drill Time" was tweeted by the American rapper from Chicago, Lil Bibby. For some strange reason Bibby tweeted as a sign of approval, but not everyone felt the same.

It's mainly because Slim Jesus looks a little goofy in the video, especially as he's waving around guns and money and weed like some kind of gangster, and posing like he's the toughest guy who ever lived.

His lyrics are also of the badass variety and the song, with its dark themes and trap beats, mimics that of Chicago rappers like Chief Keef and Lil Herb. Except Slim Jesus is from the mean streets of Ohio and looks like a 12 year-old in desperate need of a Big Mac or ten..

As one person remarked on Twitter, "If Gollum, Eminem and a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone (in a cup) had a kid together - it would be Slim Jesus."

It doesn't help either that he makes a hilarious disclaimer (below) at the beginning of the video, which he says was put their because there are minors featured and "They gotta keep the cops off that video."


If you're wondering about his name, it was even more hilarious to begin with. He started out as Swag Jesus, before it evolved into what it is now.

"Yeah, and we flipped it and made it Slim, for obvious reasons, I'm skinny as hell." he told Complex. "But ugh, yeah I just kind of stuck with it. It made people mad for shock value. The name worked."

Big in the game, y'all. The song started trending on twitter a few days ago and twitter was quick to react with some cutting remarks and ridicule.

Who knows what's next for Slim Jesus. Maybe a collaboration with these two somewhere down the line?


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