30+ Petty Revenge Stories That Are Guaranteed To Leave You Nodding With Approval

These petty revenge stories are at once funny but also inspiring. Because they prove that getting your own back on someone doesn't always have to be really dramatic. It can involve an act that is trivial but can also give you enough satisfaction to feel like you've exacted some form of vengeance on the guilty party.

Many of these petty revenge stories, lots sourced from Whisper or Reddit, involve cheating partners or spouses, or just arguing couples. For instance one woman purposely puts the wrong passwords into her husband's accounts, so when he goes online he's locked out. While a husband says that when his wife has made him mad, he makes sure he eats plenty of boiled eggs so later he can gas her with his farts when they're going to bed.

Others involve people just being idiots, like stealing a phone and then logging into your social media accounts. Which means when the person gets their phone back they can post as the thief and call them out. Or a guy who dumped his garbage at someone else's address. Not realising his address was on envelopes in said garbage. Which meant the recipient of this horde of waste could redeliver back to its owner.

Revenge Stories That Are A Result Of Cheating

Petty Revenge Stories Feature.

Of course there are also some sad tales to tell, mostly around partners cheating and in some cases, the very clever and discreet revenge stories about how they got their own back on the cheater without them knowing.

So, yeah, these truly are petty revenge stories but they're also highly amusing. And go to show that when it comes to messing with people, you need to be very careful. If they're anything like the people here, they'll get you back. Some people believe in karma, but i reckon these people believe that revenge is sweeter.

So make sure you keep your side of the street clean, otherwise you'll end up as one of these petty revenge stories with other people laughing at your expense. Check them out below.

Petty Revenge Stories That Deliver Sweet Justice

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Petty Revenge Stories 01.
Petty Revenge Stories 02.
Petty Revenge Stories 03.
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Petty Revenge Stories 05.
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