50 Rick And Morty Memes To Help You Get Schwifty And Laugh Your Ass Off

Rick and Morty memes rock, never forget that. And forget about counting the seconds waiting for the next episode of Season 3 to air, instead get schwifty with these hilarious memes. They should help get you over the pain of how many seconds left to the next show and make you forget about the evil Australian Adult Swim Rickroll prank they pulled on us all with their fake season 3 trailer. And we all know memes cheer you up.

These Rick and Morty memes come courtesy of supercalifraglisticexistentialcrisis from Imgur who has no shame in stating that they stole them, from where they don't say, instead they just title the post "A Schwifty Dump of Stolen Rick and Morty Memes." You have to admit, it's a catchy title. Make sure you check them out below.

And schwifty they are. For the uninitiated "Get Schwifty" is the name of episode 5 of season 2 of Rick and Morty where a giant alien head comes to earth, a Cromulon, and demands to see a hit song performed live.

Unfortunately an earthquake hits the Grammys and kills all of earth's big star musicians (except Ice-T) and so Rick Sanchez and his grandson are forced to write and perform a song which is called "Get Schwifty."

If you're still confused by all of this then check out The Philosophy of Get Schwifty (Rick and Morty) video above. And take a look at Season 3 episode one or this totally squanching Rick and Morty GTA 5 mod to stave your craving until the rest of the season arrives. Meantime, before we get to the Rick and Morty memes check out the Get Schwifty music video below, it will rock your world and make the planet a better place to live in. Honest.

Rick And Morty Get Schwifty Music Video

It features lyrics like, "Oh, yeah! / You gotta get schwifty / You gotta get schwifty in here / It's time to get schwifty / Oh oh / You gotta get schwifty / Oh, yeah! / Take off your pants and your panties / Sh*t on the floor."

You may think it's a bit lewd but in the episode the Cromulons love it, so there. Or maybe you just need to hear Rick and Morty perform it, which you can do by checking out the entire song, above.

But let's get back to why we were here in the first place, the Rick and Morty memes. Which there are plenty of and if you're a fan of the show, you will no doubt enjoy.

And if you know anyone who doesn't watch the show, then show them anyway and then take great pleasure in explaining in very great detail and with lots of references and in jokes what they all mean.

Behold, The Rick And Morty Meme Generator

Rick and Morty Memes 72.

As a show Rick and Morty is as quotable as they come, everything from the Meeseeks "Your failures are your own, old man!" to all kinds of others. So many in fact that it's the type of show which would really benefit from an online tool where you could search for a quote and make a meme from it. Say, an image of GIF?

Well, good news because such a meme generator has been created by Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte, and Allie Young. Called Master of All Science it allows you to search for a term (say Tiny Rick or Scary Terry or a quote) then pic an image associated with that, then put some relevant dialogue from the show on it, turning it into a still image or GIF. It follows on from previous similar generators they've done for the Simpsons and Futurama.

"GIF and meme your way to happiness with all the tools you've come to expect from our sites, but now with Rick & Morty!" says Kehrer on his blog. "We've got every episode aired to date conveniently indexed so even an idiot like Jerry can find what they're looking for. Learn important facts like Pluto is a cold, cold celestial dwarf, buy some turbulent juice while watching ball fondlers, or just listen to it feels good while you purge! You'll be like a god, the infinite Rick."

You can check out the site here.

50+ 'Get Schwifty' Rick And Morty Memes

Rick and Morty Memes 71.
Rick and Morty Memes 72.
Get Schwifty 73.
Get Schwifty 74.
Get Schwifty 76.
Get Schwifty 77.
Get Schwifty 78.
Get Schwifty 79.
dan harmon 10.
dan harmon 09.
dan harmon 08.
dan harmon 07.
dan harmon 06.
dan harmon 05.
dan harmon 04.
Rdan harmon 03.
dan harmon 02.
dan harmon 01.
justin roiland 10.
justin roiland 09.
justin roiland 08.
justin roiland 06.
Rick and Morty Memes 65.
Rick and Morty Memes 64.
Rick and Morty Memes 63.
Rick and Morty Memes 62.
Rick and Morty Memes 61.
rick and morty memes - 01.
rick and morty memes - 02.
rick and morty memes - 03.
Rick and Morty Memes 10.
Rick and Morty Memes 09.
Rick and Morty Memes 08.
Rick and Morty Memes 07.
Rick and Morty Memes 06.
Rick and Morty Memes 05.
Rick and Morty Memes 04.
pickle rick 03.
pickle rick 02.
pickle rick 01.
meme generator 10.
meme generator 09.
meme generator 08.
meme generator 07.
meme generator 06.
meme generator 05.
meme generator 04.
meme generator 03.
meme generator 02.
meme generator 01.

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