Adorably Giggly 4-Year-Old Girl Goes On Her First Aerobatic Flight And Finds It Totally Hilarious

Meet four-year-old Léa Langumier who, unlike most adults who would probably soil themselves, laughs in the face of danger when it presents itself in the form of aerobatic flying.

Little Léa is used to plane rides though, because her dad is a pilot and president of Quebec’s Aviation RL.

So when she's taken on her first full aerobatic flight and the plane starts flipping about and turning upside down and doing all kinds of stomach-spinning crazy things, she isn't fazed—instead she finds it all absolutely hilarious.

Just look at the face on that little adrenaline junkie, it's all joy and excitement. At this rate she'll be wing walking by the time she's five, and by the time she's ten she'll be flying her own plane. Blindfolded.

Mad respect to her. And her French-Canadian dad (possibly the coolest father in the world) who said, “This is the first aerobatic ride for my 4yo daughter. She asked me to go in flight and do inverted things. So, we discussed, review the figures and went to fly."

Check the video below for Léa's first intro to the world of flying, which she finds equally hilarious.

It's impressive, I can't even look at a rollercoaster without feeling queasy.

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