Two Legs Good, Four Legs RAD! - Five Hot Doggers That Are Way Better At Skateboarding Than You

Unless you're the kind of pro-skater who makes a living from riding around on a wooden board attached to four wheels, you probably haven't been on a skateboard for many years. And even if you have, you probably couldn't ride as well as these mutts.

Proving that toilet paper isn't the only thing these dogs want to shred these hounds tear up the the sidewalk, skateparks, ramps and anything else you care to put under their wheels.

I'm sure if George Orwell was still around today to witness this he would have been quoted as saying, "Two legs good, four legs RAD!"

So sit back in your cosy chair, take a sip of your skinny latte and witness below five dogs who are most definitely better at skateboarding than you.

1. This dog doesn't just ride, he can even do a rudimentary ollie. Rad.

2. This dog could totally have its own series of video games. Tony Hawk, you better watch out.

3. Skatepark + dog = good, good times.

4. This is Tillman the skateboarding bulldog celebrity, who you may recognize from the iPhone commercial.

5. Bamboo the mutt sauntering around a seaside parking lot like a boss.

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