These Dogs Getting Groomed In Slow Motion Are Going To Seriously Brighten Up Your Day

If your day isn't going quite as well as you'd hoped, or maybe you've just had a long day at the office or you've found out the in-laws are paying an unexpected visit. Whatever, if you're just feeling a little down, here's something that should remedy that.

It's dogs. Getting groomed. In slow motion. Set to appropriately awesome music. And you can thank LA-based dog stylist Jess Rona for coming up with the idea. Which she then shares with the world by uploading the videos to Instagram.

By slowing it down and adding some exceptionally well-chosen music, from Frank Sinatra to Beyonce and Cyndi Lauper, she's created some kind of Instagram brilliance.

Just watch Stella the dog enjoying a blow dry while "Drunk in Love" plays and try not to beam from ear to ear.

You can check out some of our favorite slow-mo dog grooming awesomeness below. Just mouse-over the Instagram embeds and press play. And enjoy.

Also follow Jess' Instagram for loads more updates of pooches being groomed.

This is Mr Winnie. We vibe. ? by @larouxroux

I feel like I need to post this again. And maybe just keep posting it every few months because it's my favorite? This is Stella. She loves glitter nails, burrowing under things and being needy. She belongs to @danikid @marivilg @alessandragl and @kikimonsterrr and I love her a lot. Hey Stella, thanks for letting me obnoxiously blow wind on you. ?

@bethlepley @jbrekhus ? by Skee-Lo

@nicoleshabtai ? new favorite song by @sofitukker

@hhardluck ? by Benne Moré

@jazmynsimon ? by @cyndilauper

@marniethedog ? by @adele

@babujipug ? by Frank Sinatra (special shout out to @clintculp for telling me about this psychedelic Sinatra album.)


@edwardhansen ? by @chvrches

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