'Help, Help, Help The Police!' - Adam Buxton Does A Safe For Kids Version Of NWA's 'F*ck The Police'

Adam Buxton, in case you don't know him, is a British comedian who was one half of comedy duo Adam and Joe with Joe Cornish. They had a very funny TV show back in the 1990s, which also used to feature a very youthful-looking Louis Theroux.

Along with this, Buxton also appeared with Cornish on the Adam & Joe 6 Music radio show, which was the stuff of legend. For those who haven't listened, firstly you really should check it out immediately. Secondly, the Pierce Brosnan (aka Bron-homme) episode about his film Taffin is nothing short of remarkable. You can find out what that's all about here. You will then, no doubt, find yourself going around shouting "LIVING HEEEEEEERE!" for no apparent reason.

OK, let's get back to Adam Buxton though, who as a single entity is very funny too. A case in point is this version of NWA's "Fuck the Police," which is of course a hip hop classic. But let's say you wanted to be a cool dad and intro your child into this seminal rap song.

Well, firstly you would have a bit of a bind because the track features quite a lot of swearing and bad language. So what Adam Buxton does in this sketch, taken from a 2007 BBC3 sketch show called Rush Hour, is play a much more child-friendly version while he's in the car with his wife and kid.

It sees him turn the volume down when there's some bad language coming and edit it with his own, far less offensive lyrics. Lyrics like: "Just because I'm from the CPT, nice police are nice to me!" Followed by the terribly catchy chorus of, "Help the police, help, help, help, help the police!"

In a b3ta interview Adam Buxton says it took him three days to learn the words to "Help the Police." In the same interview he also reveals that, yes, he is just like the wannabe cool dad in the sketch.

But who wouldn't want a dad who creates such comedically brilliant lyrics? Lyrics that will have the magical effect of now, every time you hear NWA's "Fuck the Police," you'll be re-singing it in your head as Buxton's toned down version. Guaranteed.

Help, Help, Help The Police.

Help the police! Adam Buxton does NWA

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