Mumford & Sons Go Electric, Internet Responds With Shock, Bafflement, And Ridicule

When Bob Dylan went electric he was met with cries of "Judas!" to which he responded by retorting "I don't believe you, you're a liar" before turning to his band, The Hawks, and saying "Play it f*cking loud!" They then launched into a blistering version of "Like a Rolling Stone."

When Mumford & Sons announced to Rolling Stone they were heading in a new direction and ditching the acoustic instruments—banjo, guitar, kick drum—in favor of electric guitars, synths, and drum machines the internet responded with ridicule. And some curiosity. But mostly ridicule.

The new electric sound can be heard on their new album, out 4 May, Wilder Mind. Until then you can amuse yourself with the comedians of Twitter.

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