This Homemade Remake Of The Matrix Bullet Scene Will Make You Want To Take The Red Pill

Fan-made films are great, it's a homage to something in a movie that affected you mind enough to do something about it and get it out of your system, or at least that's how i see it. But sometimes the end result can be just as good as the original, but in a different way. And so it is with this low-fi remake of the classic scene from the Matrix.

You don’t need a flashy Hollywood budget to make movies, you just need a mouth and a wardrobe you can raid. Then dress yourself up and make all the pew-pew-pew gun sounds and punching sounds with your mouth.

And don’t forget some string, string’s always handy to have……and an old Slinky. And don’t think just because it’s homemade it’s going to be laughable, this is straight up amazeballs.

Before you know it you'll be a the greatest movie director in the history of your own mind. Have fun.


And to round it all off we feel that this film is worthy of a full title credit sequence (make sure you scroll down slowly and hum a suitable 'end-credit' tune in your head whilst reading and don't dare leave before it ends...)

Jeremy Jahns – www.youtube.com/JeremyJahns
Olga Kay – www.youtube.com/olgakay
Jon O’Brien
Dustin McLean
Sean Puglisi
Benjamin Martin

Special Thanks to Sean Puglisi, Benjamin Martin and Stephan Watkins.

Directed by Dustin McLean
Produced by Jon O’Brien and Dustin McLean
Created by DustFilms


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