Mad Max: Fury Road Is Reimagined With GoKarts, Paintball, And Plenty Of Insane Stunts

The action in George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road is fast, frantic, and quite terrifying, as the post-apocalyptic madness rattles along at a furious pace, and so do the vehicles it all takes place on.

If it was all a bit too much to take, maybe you might prefer this version by YouTuber devinsupertramp, which swaps the modded cars for gokarts and dune buggies, and replaces bullets with paintballs.

Although the stunts look like they were just as dangerous.

The video, which is full of the same anarchic spirit as the Mad Mad movies as the vehicles race across the deserts of Green River, Utah, was made to promote the new Mad Max video game due out soon.

Devin says of the experience, "This video could not have happened without all my amazing friends who spent two days camping on location, and so much was sacrificed by so many people to make this happen, so many I can't even begin to list."

If you want to see how this paintball warfare was created, check out the behind the scenes video below.

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