'Rate Me' -- Never Ever Fall Into The Trap Of Rating A Friend's Attractiveness On A Scale Of One To Ten

If there's one thing you don't do as male and female friends (well, after not sleeping with each other) is rate each other on how attractive you think the other one is.

It's something that's never going to end well. At best it will end with the friendship being terminated. At worst, lives will be destroyed. And forget about forgiveness, it'll never happen. Ever.

In this sketch from Genuine Jerks two friends walk that incredibly fine line, treading across treacherous ground when a woman asks her guy friend to rate her from one to ten.

He, foolishly, gives her a low number proving that in these circumstances honesty is never, ever the best policy.

As soon as this guy realized he was being pulled into the trap of rating his female friend, he should have realized that he was walking down a path he could never return from.

He should have known that he needed to think of a number and then round it off to at least nine. But, hey, it's only a sketch. And remember, in these circumstances honesty is never really the best policy. Ever.

Still, we can all learn from it.


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