Uber Meets Tinder To Create The Most Awkward Dating/Travel App Ever In This Very Funny Sketch

You might use dating app Tinder or taxi app Uber together quite regularly, i mean, it makes perfect sense, you've found a possible partner on Tinder and you use Uber to get to your hot date.

But would you use the two if they were combined together to create some awful hybrid?

Well, maybe you would. And that's what this sketch by Barely Productions imagines, as commuting and finding a partner merge into one. After all, who needs a ride to go on a date if your ride IS the date. Clever, eh?

Called UnDer, it shows that not all things are good together-however great it sounded in the creative pitch at the creative agency meeting-like hooking up and taxi services which should never, ever meet. Ever.

This fictional app lets you select a driver based on how hot they are (if you don't like how the driver looks simply swipe left) and then you get to enjoy small talk while drinking wine in a passenger seat. Fun!

All the signs of an awkward first date are there, it's just you're in a much more confined space. The only upside is, by the end of it all at least you'll arrive at a new destination.

But if by some small chance the meeting went really well and you are hoping for more, then prepare yourself for a big disappointment, because as you exit your ride there will probably be someone new waiting to take your place in the taxi. After all, it is a service.


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