Pitch Perfect 237: Anna Kendrick’s 'Pitch Perfect' Movie Hides An Incredible 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

There's reading too much into a movie and then there's this, which is completely and utterly valid and in no way the most insane and hilarious interpretation of a movie ever. Yup, Anna Kendrick’s musical comedy Pitch Perfect is in fact a stunningly complicated parable about 9/11.

Taking inspiration from Room 237, a documentary that details the crazy fan theories surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, CookStProductions' Pitch Perfect 237 overlays the intense scrutinization of that movie onto Pitch Perfect.

And the guy's reading is faultless, the results hard to deny.

There is definitely a conspiracy here people and we must thank this video for unearthing it and illuminating us all.

Now, with the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer recently released, what conspiratorial secrets will the next instalment of this subversive film series hold?

via Slate

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