A Bad Lip Reading of 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Turns It Into An Inane Musical

No matter that the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire wasn't a musical comedy, the people over at Bad Lip Reading have made it so—and it makes for hilarious viewing. The intensity of the actual film is thrown to the side as Katniss and cast break into song at random moments.

But don't worry, there's also plenty of ridiculous and meaningless badly lip read dialogue too. "You shouldn't make out at my sick party" says Liam Hemsworth's character Gale. "I didn't want to" replies Katniss. "No, you'd love it." he retorts. "You think that you're wonderful" replies Katniss. "A turkey sandwich is wonderful." "Mmm, you're right."

Somehow it all leads to Katniss and Jack Quaid's character Marvel talking with Woody Harrelson about their band name, which they agree will be Obsidiots. There is no rhyme or reason behind it, but there is a music video courtesy of Bad Lip Reading. And it's great, watch it below after you've watched the vid above.

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