Thomas Sanders (Who's That?) Surprises Random Strangers By Hilariously Narrating Their Lives

Depending on your point of view this guy could be the answer to your prayers, or a total pain in the backside. There you are quietly going about your day when all of a sudden this dude appears from nowhere and starts to narrate your life. Weird.

You might not know who Thomas Sanders is, but that's OK—he's one of these people who are Vine-famous, with 4.4 million followers who watch his short comedy clips.

The theme of some of those is his "Narrating People's Lives" series where, as the title would indicate, he narrates people's lives.

And they can be anybody. People just going about their business, having lunch, shopping, waiting at a bus stop, scratching their butt—when suddenly Sanders wanders up and with a swift "Story Time!" he begins his narration.

Some of them are obvious setups as it all runs too smoothly and the comedy timing is just too perfect, but there are genuine ones here with random members of the public—and they are very funny indeed.


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