The Band Of The Bold Meme Gets A Hilarious GTA Version Starring Trevor, Michael, And Franklin

Earlier in 2016, back in the sunny days of June, you may recall The Band of the Bold meme from comedian Marlon Webb. It also went under the hashtag #JoggingManChallenge and featured Webb jogging, in a silly crab-like manner with his buddies, through a neighborhood while Aha's classic song “Take On Me” played.

It was pretty hilarious, and kind of dumb, but that was exactly the point. It was part of a series called "Ready to Monday" and it was certainly the type of video that can shake off the Monday blues and put a smile on your face.

The original also spawned its own imitations, most notably an amusing version created with Dark Souls video game characters. There's just something about watching imposing characters in Medieval armor, and giant crows, jiggling about to 'Take On Me' that's, well, a lot of fun. Lets face it, we all needed some of that in 2016.

But that's not the only vide game version, because take has been made by Adam Pinkman.

This time set in the world of GTA V—and it is just as ridiculous and amusing as you might imagine watching Trevor, Michael, and Franklin give in to their inner silliness and dance about like a couple of goofy idiots.

You can watch it above. And below check out the original and Dark Souls version.


Dark Souls version

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