Mario Kart Rides Into Los Santos In This GTA 5 Mod, Swapping Red Shells For Molotov Cocktails

Everyone's favorite plumber Mario gets in touch with his criminal side in this fantastic GTA V mod that lets gamers put on a Mario mask and jump in a Mario kart, and take off around the streets of Los Santos.

But he's not tossing red shells and banana peels to foil his enemies, instead he's throwing molotov cocktails and grenades and waving a gun around like a maniac, causing mayhem wherever he goes.

It's not exactly Mario at his most law-abiding and it's the kind of scandalous and disreputable behavior that would have them shaking their heads in disbelief back in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Still, it looks like a whole bunch of fun. Because for a few moments Mario gets to shed his goody-goody image and wreak carnage upon the streets of Los Santos, mowing down pedestrians with homicidal abandon and crashing into cop cars.

Added to the sheer absurdity of it all is the Mario Kart music and sound effects that accompany your crime spree. And, if you like, you can also commit some felonies as Yoshi, Toad, or, perhaps more appropriately, Wario.

It all adds up to lots of fun. They need to make this an official game. Soon.