'Pokemon GO' Gets A Hilarious 'Honest Game Trailer' That Reveals Some Brutal Home Truths

By now the entire world and its grandma knows and has probably had just about enough of augmented reality game that is Pokemon GO. If you're not feeling the love quite so much yet then don't despair, this brutally honest take should give you more than a few smiles.

Smosh Games and Screen Junkies' Honest Game Trailers does a very amusing job of pointing out just how ridiculous the Pokemon GO game is. While everyone's got swept up in the hype and busy catching 'em all, the objectivity of the true game has been left far, far behind.

So this video takes the game to task, pointing out how far removed it is from the initial trailers that made the game out to be like something close to Magic Leap. What we actually get the Honest Game Trailer refers to as a combination of mild cardio, Google Maps, and Paper Toss.

While your heart may be angry at someone disparaging your fav game, it's hard not to find that a funny and perfectly accurate description.

In amongst the hype and craziness, allow yourself to take a step back and give things a little bit of perspective—not that the video will change anything. The game will still be hugely popular and Nintendo will still be rubbing their hands together at their insane share price rise.

However, i'm pretty sure if you are a committed Pokemon Go player there is no way in the world you are going to have enough time to take a break and watch this hilarious video through. Ignorance definitely is bliss.


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