Does Size Matter? Big Or Small, Size Most Definitely Matters To The People In This Fail Compilation

As with any topic you care to mention (and staying away from the obvious), big is always seen as better, but is that always true? Well not if it has anything to do with how much in debt you are in, or the size of you beer belly i guess, but for a lot of other things the more XXL the better.

Some people might also argue the point and tell you that size really doesn't matter when it comes to fails, after all a fail is a FAIL, right? But the laws of physics will tell you otherwise.

If it's larger it's going to bring you down harder, the people in this video are testament to that. And the harder the fail, the more the internet wants to watch it and get their LOLZ at someone else's expense.

Whether it's a big fish slapping someone in the face with its tail or a big couch trying to fit into a small car or, you know, a dolphin on wheels, size is relevant. Size is important.

Maybe it's just that some people have a condition where they can't quite see how relative size is, some kind of dysmorphia when it comes to objects and other people.

Or maybe they're just idiots.


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