FAIL Much? What Did The Month Of July Look Like In Fail Videos? Well, It Looked A Lot Like This

People with good intentions (ok, that should be 'dumb people with good intentions) failing to complete the task at hand and doing it in style never ceases to impress and make us laugh.

Yes, we love to enjoy watching other people's pain. It's a strange world that the internet has created.

So if you didn't spend the entire month of July trawling YouTube for fail videos, firstly, why not? Surely you have nothing better to do. And secondly, don't worry if you didn't, because the best ones have been collected here just for you in this compilation.

And it's worth watching, if nothing else than to remind you of what not to do if the urge should take you.

Like just in case you decide to, say, put a firework down the front of your pants and set alight to it—seeing someone do it and nearly lose their genitals should set you right about attempting such a bad idea.

But mostly it's about watching people do dumb things and revelling in some schadenfreude-soaked laughs.


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