Wince Your Way Through This Compilation Of The Best Fails From The Month Of June 2015

You know it's starting to become something of a morbid obsession when you actually look forward to a monthly round-up of how some people perform badly at whatever it is they are attempting to do, usually resulting in pain, lots of pain.

And it's even worse when, instead of sending sympathetic thoughts their way, you get an attack of the LOLZ. But such is life on the internet. Every month brings an entirely new way of failing badly and June is no exception.

You've not seen anything until you've seen a man drunk on a bottle of vodka fighting a bush. And losing badly.

That's just one of the people failing hard in this compilation of people and animals making their lives a lot harder than they need to be.

One of the most wince-inducing in the whole video is a guy, Kyle Ponciano, who climbs a ridiculous height, 60 feet, up a tree and then takes a nasty tumble onto the rocks below. The fall resulted in a torn abdomen, a partially collapsed and bruised lung, shattered right elbow, and broken pelvis.

It's horrible, but after being put in a medically induced coma Ponciano is recovering well.

Other than that, there's also a Pomeranian peeing while doing a handstand that deserves some kind of award, a man getting trampled by the Queen's Guard, and plenty of faceplants.

I'd be lying if i said i wasn't counting down the days to the end of July just to get my next fail-fix.

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