'Dazed & Confused' - A Hilarious Compilation Of Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftermaths & Bad Trip Fails

Drugs are a helluva drug. It doesn't matter whether you've taken something recreationally at a music festival and you're having a freakout in public, naked, while someone's capturing it to upload to YouTube later.

Or maybe you've just had your wisdom tooth removed and are coming over all 'David After Dentist.'

But one things certain, people high on medication, whether illegal or otherwise, are hilarious.

Take, for example, Jack the teenager in this compilation. Sitting in the back of his mom's car after the dentist he realizes his eyes are weeping because of the meds.

"Does this leakage...does this build the ocean?" he asks his mom. "No, baby." she responds. "What builds the ocean?" he demands. But something has pushed him over the edge, the emotion wells up inside him, the concept of the ocean's assembly is too much, too overwhelming.

"Who built the ocean mom?" he sobs, tears streaming down his face, "WHO BUILT THE OCEAN?"

Heck, we've all been there.


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