Water Is Actually Your Enemy As Proven In This Compilation Of 'Slippery When Wet' Fails

Summer's still here and that means sun and heat, so chances are you have been influenced by a gravitational pull towards somewhere, anywhere with some water, it has a calming effect on your psyche that makes you feel relaxed. We are definitely influenced by the presence of H2O.

Water, you might think then, is your friend. You might think that because it's essential to life, but you'd be sadly mistaken and foolish to think such a thing. But that's what water wants you to think.

It wants you to think that so it can lure you in to a false sense of security and have its evil way with you.

Like it does with these poor, unsuspecting souls in this compilation of watery fails. As anyone who's ever fallen on their ass after a glass of water's been spilt all over the floor will know (though tbh you really should know it anyway), water is slippery—and as such is a total a-hole.

And not only is it slippery, but it can trick you into thinking you've outsmarted it, like when you very nearly make it trying to jump over a pool. Only to be lured back to a watery doom by its aquatic powers.

Damn you water. DAMN YOU!

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