BigDawsTv Takes A Beatboxing Grandpa To The Hood - But All Is Not Quite What It Seems

YouTube prankster BigDawsTv takes an 80-year-old beatboxing grandpa out onto the streets of Los Angeles to deliver some vocal percussion. And, to pretty much everyone's surprise, he's actually a very good beatboxer.

The reason being that, this being BigDawsTv, all is not quite what it seems. As was the case in one of the Arizona YouTuber's most famous videos, which featured him dressed as a 16 year old nerd rapping around a college campus. So it goes with this video, where the grandpa is actually not a grandpa at all.

In fact he's Cody Vizcarra, a young beatboxer who also has a YouTube channel, and who with the power of makeup and prosthetics, was transformed into an elderly man. And, to the makeup artist's credit, Vizcarra really does look the part. If he approached you on the street, you would no doubt think he was a genuine older man.

In fact in a behind the scenes video from BigDawsTv's vlog (see below) you can see the beatboxer's own reaction when he first looks in the mirror done up like his 80-year-old self. As anyone would be, he's totally freaked out by it. He can't quite look at himself, so strange is it. He then FaceTimes his girlfriend too, who is naturally just as stumped as he is at his newfound appearance. But that can only mean good things when it comes to convincing complete strangers.

BigDawsTv & Beatboxing Grandpa Hit The Streets

BigDawsTv Beatboxing Grandpa.

So, now that the look is all done, all that remains is for Vizcarra to head out and walk up to random people and ask them if they want to hear him beatbox. At first they reply with a little trepidation. After all, it's not everyday you're approached by an 80-year-old who wants to beatbox for you. But to their astonishment his beatboxing prowess is second to none.

Vizcarra notes in a video of the prank posted to his own channel that him and BigDawsTv (aka Dawson Gurley) had been planning this one for about six months. Seems like it was worth all that planning, because they pulled it off with conviction.

Meet The Beatboxing Grandpa (aka Dawson Gurley)

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