Bing Crosby And David Bowie's 'The Little Drummer Boy' Gets The Musicless Musicvideo Treatment

OK, apologies for even touching upon Christmassy videos so early in the month of December. But in our defense, this doesn't actually feature the music—so forgive us. Instead it features the awkward sound of feet shuffling, some failed attempts at singing, and some tentative piano playing.

Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s "The Little Drummer Boy" has always been known as one of pop music's strangest duets, not just because of the mix of the otherworldly Bowie with the cosy familiarity of Cosby, but both singing a Christmas song too? How many drugs was the person on who thought of that idea? And now, even though it doesn't seem possible, it's been made even weirder.

So sit tensely as you internally cringe your way through this awkward, yet hilarious scene. And, oh yeah, listen to the original below. Because we had to get a Christmas song in here somehow.