Biologists Are Battling To Find Cutest Animal Species Ever In Adorable Twitter #CuteOff Competition

Biologists are taking to Twitter to duke it out and post pictures of what they consider to be the cutest animal species ever in what's been dubbed #CuteOff. It's certainly a historical moment for biology, and social media, no doubt the world too, as science battles it out to find the king and queen of adorbz.

As well as being a chance to ogle lots of cute animals, especially baby ones, it does also provide something of an education. Because along with the standard fare, many of the animals are species you have probably never seen or heard of before.

In fact you might even be thinking that some of these species are not even real, but we are talking biologists here, so we have to trust them. So i'd suggest some Googling if you are still not convinced.

There are reptiles and insects and birds and sea creatures, all nature's variety is present to be looked at and then cooed over. It certainly is an adorable animal array of diversity.

It turns out there's a lot more cute to the animal kingdom than just puppies and kittens.

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