Body Popping In An Abandoned Shopping Mall And A Freestyle Dance Battle In An Alley

Poppin John, one the best pop and lock robotic dancers on the planet, visits an abandoned shopping mall, the kind you might find zombies lurking in post-apocalypse, and throws down some seriously good moves.

Such is his skill it looks unreal as he glides across the floor like an automaton, shuffling about in super slow motion, making robotic dancing look easy—which it most definitely is not.

If there was a zombie apocalypse and you found yourself in an abandoned shopping mall and the zombies were dancing like this, then things wouldn't be so bad.


From derelict malls to back alleys, as three freestyle dancers do battle, facing off against one another in what is a much better sight than most other things you could chance upon in an alleyway.

It stars Robert Hoffman, who's starred in movies like You Got Served and Step Up 2 The Streets, celebrated Krumper Darrel "Friidom" Dunn, and TJ Lewis (aka BEATSMURDER) a pro dancer who's danced with Mary J Bilge and Selena Gomez.

Check it below.

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