Bodybuilder Aaron Curtis Eats Daughter’s Fried Placenta, Quite Possibly The Grossest Meal Ever

Who fancies the idea of joining bodybuilder Aaron Curtis for fried placenta feast? No, anyone? OK, make sure you're not consuming any food while watching this video. In fact make sure there's no food even in the same room as you. Certainly don't go having steak for dinner because you probably won't be able to look at a piece of raw meat after you see proud father Aaron Curtis cook and consume his first born daughter’s placenta.

"With the birth of my first child, I thought I would consume the organ that provided her with life during the pregnancy, in the hope of making some gains." he writes in the YouTube description. Fried placenta it is then.

Aaron does wash off some of the "slime" as he calls it from the placenta to minimize his chance of dying. Then he cuts off a little bit—not too much so he can avoid botulism—and the fried placenta sizzles away on a hot plate.

Aaron Curtis Chows Down On Some Fried Placenta

Aaron Curtis Cooking Fried Placenta 01.

Then comes the treat of consuming it, and Curtis likens it to liver before remarking that it's a little overdone.

He finishes off all the fried placenta though, all in the hope of giving him some gains. Not sure exactly what those gains might be however, unless he means to gain the label of being a cannibal. Thankfully at the end when his buddy asks if there will be any more cooked placenta meals Curtis' wife proclaims "No, I'm putting my foot down."

"I'm definitely an 'eat anything' kind of guy. If I go out to eat and people have leftovers, I'm the first to scoop it up." Curtis told the BBC. "Would I do it again? Yes. My daughter is only four weeks old and there are no plans to have any more yet but if we did I would save the placenta. [The] only thing I would do different is to try and jazz up the recipe a bit more. Instead of just grilling it straight like that. Something like a placenta and black bean stir fry."

Take a look at the charming fried placenta eating video above. And then feel free to vomit onto your computer.

Aaron Curtis Cooking Fried Placenta.

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