Albuquerque Driver Captures Attempted Carjacking On Video And It's Absolutely Terrifying

A driver in Albuquerque, NM captured the alarming moment when he narrowly missed a carjacking in the car he was driving. After he dropped his friend off at the store late one night he heads for some Carl's Jr., but while on his way there a Chrysler 300 stops in front of him, trying to block him off at a stop sign.

What follows next is like something out of a Fast & Furious movie, his quick thinking leads him to start reversing at high speed down the street in an attempt drive away. But he's being followed by the Chrysler which doesn't want to let up and a high speed chase ensues. They also throw something, it's not known what, at his car.

All the drama is captured on both the driver's front and back dash cams which are shown split screen in the video, and really bring home the intensity of the situation. His blow-by-blow audio also adds to tension.

As he's driving about the neighborhood trying to shake off the carjackers he calls 911 and explains his situation. Soon after a police car with it's sirens blaring approaches and he thinks he's safe, but it speeds past on it's way to another emergency call. You can hear his despair at this point. Fortunately he got away but watching it all unfold is very scary indeed.

What if he didn't manage to escape? Fortunately he did because his Fast & Furious-style driving was pretty badass. Here's how he explains what happens in the accompanying description to the video:

Albuquerque, New Mexico Dec-6-2016 11:30 PM off of Central and San Mateo intersection. A friend was afraid to go to this store that late by herself since the parking lot around it is a bit sketchy, I live a couple of blocks and was hungry so I decided to accompany her to the store for a bit and look around then leave and check out Carls Jr. I walked back to my car and you can hear me say goodbye and good night. I take off and you can see the car pull out, drive in front of my friend still sitting in the lot then behind me exiting the parking lot. if you look at both angles, you can see he followed me from the get go. The police officer also said my driving was decent given the circumstances. I handled the situation correctly by not stopping and engaging. whatever they threw at me did not damage my vehicle at all. Since the license plates arent clearly visible, APD can not pursue this matter any further. Im just glad I was able to go home safe and sound.


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