Boy Fails At Making His Own Sparkling Wine - Plus 5 Other Kids Who Also Have Some Terrible Ideas

Make your own sparkling wine they said, it'll be amazing they said. Except, it didn't quite work out exactly as expected when this kid used a SodaStream to fizz up some vin rouge as a surprise for his dad. He's not even old enough to drink it but that didn't stop him trying.

And everyone loves a trier.

Things don't look right and start to go downhill fast when half the bottle fills up with foamy liquid, and then (and you just knew this was going to happen) 'BLAMMO!' It's red wine decor all over the kitchen.

So don't try this one at home kids! Unless you want to really annoy your mom. And here's a few other DTAH ('Don't try at home') things you might not want to try either.

DTAH 1. Don't try singing David Guetta's "Titanium" when your vocal chords are nourished by nothing but Happy Meals.

DTAH 2. Definitely don't try to pull off some parkour moves when you have the grace and fitness of the kid who used to always skip gym class to hang out at Dunkin Donuts.

DTAH 3. Please. Please, don't ever attempt a snot rocket, no matter who you are or whatever your age.

DTAH 4. When curling your hair, the aim is to NOT burn it off your head. Protip: if that happens you've probably got the curlers set too high.

DTAH 5. And, lastly, if you're thinking of having children in later life, don't try jumping 13 steps on a skateboard because your family jewels won't like it one bit.

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