How Not To Operate A Firearm—These Gun Fails Are Very Nearly Darwin Award Nominees

Get ready for some painful and hilarious gun fails. As much as it's every American's right to bear arms, some people just shouldn't be allowed to head down the shooting range or handle a weapon.

There's a saying that 'guns don't kill people, people kill people', and while that rings true for a lot of situations in this case i'm not so sure. In the wrong hands a firearm can inflict severe personal injury.

Take a look at these people engaging in the art of gun fails. Each and everyone of them is a prime example how not to operate a firearm. Instead, they're first class idiots.

From holding it completely inappropriately to even being completely drunk while operating a rifle, it's a guide in what (and who) to avoid when firing a weapon. Such is their incompetence they're extremely lucky they don't end up with some kind of permanent injury.

Still, at least they'll hopefully think twice before attempting to do anything similar in the future.

At least, you certainly hope so.

Watch in disbelief. And then shake your head with incredulity.

shotgun fail

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