Text Message Confusion - This Key & Peele Sketch Totally Nails How Confusing Texting Can Be

We've all been there, you send a text to someone and then totally misinterpret their reply. Without their voice to convey emotion, you read what you want into that reply. As innocuous as it might seem you'll happily read it as a slight on your personal character and insult to your friendship.

Because, how dare they?

Comedy Central's Key & Peele, whose sketches are always a ray of hilarity, tackle this tricky area in their sketch "Text Message Confusion." While Keegan is getting all worked up at why they haven't sorted out their upcoming meetup, Jordan is Mr. Laidback thinking Keegan's just joking around.

And these crossed wires enrage Keegan so much he's willing to turn up for their casual drink with a serious weapon in his hands.


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